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Need of health policy and system research for betterment of geriatric population

Saleem M Rana

Health Policy and Systems Research is assumed to be production of new knowledge to improve society’s organization to achieve health goals. The WHO defines it as all organizations and people primary intent is to promote and maintain health. For instance, an aging population leads to increased burden of chronic diseases, disabilities, mental illnesses and other co-morbidities. Health care systems throughout the world is lacking and facing the challenges to provide the health care and quality of life to their elderly population. How health policy and system research can contribute for provision of quality health care and quality of life to every group of population. For achievement, there is a need to advocate the funders of health research with a clearer understanding of what is the Health Policy and System Research and how it relates to health research especially neglected area like; geriatric

Diseases. Traditionally physicians have dominated health policy and system. Scientists schooled in basic and social science are less comfortable with the methods used in health policy and systems research, limited funding is a major issue, rigorous analysis and feasible actions within the limited budget is very hard. In the light of this discussion, it is seems like that the basic cause of failure to achieve the goals is, “not to practice the Health Policy and System Research as it should be.”