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Styloid Process Elongation and Calcification Patterns in a South Kerala Population-Radiographic Aspects

Mathew AL, Cherian SA and Joseph BB

Introduction: Styloid process is a slender long pointed bony projection from the temporal bone. Normal styloid is around 30 mm long, it is considered elongated if it is greater than 30 mm. Objectives: The objectives of our present study were 1. To determine the prevalence of elongated styloid process in South Kerala population 2. To investigate the calcification patterns of elongated styloid process using panoramic radiographs. Methods: Retrospective analysis was done of 100 digital OPGs of subjects, aged between 20-80 years, who visited Oral Medicine and Radiology department, Pushpagiri College of Dental Sciences, Thiruvalla, Kerala, South India over a 2 month period. The length and pattern of calcification of the styloid process were assessed. Results: Out of the 100 patients examined radiographically 51 were males and 49 were females. Styloid process was normal in 33 males and in 38 females. In our study there was a prevalence of 35% elongation of styloid process. Elongation of styloid process was noticed more in males 24(68.6%) as compared to females 11(31.4%). Elongation was more in the 41-60 year age group, with a prevalence of 19(54.4%), followed by 60-80 age group, 8(22.8%). External calcification was the common calcification pattern seen 67(67%) in our study, followed by partial calcification 23(23%), complete calcification in 8(8%) and nodular calcification in 2(2%). External calcification was seen more in males 40(59.7%) than females 27(40.29%). Conclusion: Oral physicians should have thorough knowledge aware of the styloid process elongation and the common calcification patterns.