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Treatment of dairy wastewater using rotating biological contactors

Prashant A. Kadu, Rajshree B. Landge and Y. R. M. Rao

In India, Dairy Industry is one of the major industries causing water pollution. In any dairy industry the quantity and characteristics of effluent depends upon the extent of production activities, pasteurization to several milk product. Dairy wastewater is enriched in organic matter & also contains biodegradable carbohydrates. The biofilm model was implemented for three-stage Rotating Biological Contactor on a laboratory scale experimental set up. Various concentrations of dairy waste water with influent BOD & COD were introduced into the RBC system. In present study COD & BOD removal efficiency (%) of Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) was determined for treating dairy waste water. Three staged RBC with each tank of working volume of 12 L was fabricated with acrylic sheets & tanks were placed in series. Rotational speed of the discs was 6,8,10 rpm and 42% submergence throughout the study. Biofilm formed on disc helped in treatment of dairy waste water. It was observed from the study that BOD removal efficiency of 96%, COD removal efficiency of 80% and TSS removal efficiency of 79% occur at 8 rpm.